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Evil Poem
it slaps me in the face
like  cold wet wind
out of nowhere
in a fog that is incredibly thick

I hear your name
floating in the breeze
and I am filled with rage
this name makes me sick

so I release my anger
through this warm liquid
 spewing from my mouth

I unleash my hatred
and I think it is gone
but it blows back in my face
this warm slap of your wind
makes me feel like you have won
so I fight this wind
with all my might
running away from you
with hatred used as
my only guide

and I kick and scream
an explosion of anger
but it is worthwhile
for I hate you
 and finally I am out of it

the relief I feel
I look into your eyes
punch your face
just to watch it bleed
it calms me down
so I spit at  you
and  I leave.