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Ferrets Page 4
<~~~ here is brownie chillin in his cage with chloe in the back hammock.
. <~~~ here is Poochie and brownie wrestling. <~~~ brownie here chillin on his back fanning off!! :O)                                        
<~~~ here is brownie playing in the water! aww

<~~~  brownie playing peekaboo !
<~~~ aint he so cute what pose!! <~~~ here is chloe in the grass!
 <~~~ deejay and Poochie sleepin! :o)
 <~~~ here is Ozzy in the grass.
<~~~ Ozzy standing up for a treat. <~~~ Poochie conveniently found my purse to chill out in.                                                    
       <~~~ Poochie again this time on the beanbag.
<~~~ Poochie and brownie wrestling again. <~~~ nose to nose. <~~~ The cutest Picture of poochie yet! <~~~  Poochie snuggled in my blanket.
  <~~~ Him in he box.
  <~~~ Poochie eating behind the couch. <~~~ Another cute close up of him .
<~~~ skittles in the grass.

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