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Ferret page 3
here is lovely little brownie taking a sweet little snooze on the floor.                                                                                        as you can see brownie likes to rest and he seems to be very photogenic! I love it!! Once again Chloe and skittles are playing together in the laundry basket. Aren't they adorable?  :o)   Here goes chloe jumping onto the coffee table, this is a daily thing with her. here is Ozzy chloe and skittles playing in the toy box. They love to play all day.   Looks like Ozzy is getting ready to pounce on skittles.                                                                   This picture is very funny I  walked around the corner one day and caught her peeking out the window I thought it was too cute. Speaking of Chloe here is a perfect little portrait of her, she was very cooperative that day and I cant believe she posed! :o)                                                                 this here is skittles and Ozzy chillin in there room . yes they have their own room.
here is Blondie. She is so cute she sits and waits by her treat bowl for me to put some in...                beautiful little brownie getting his beauty sleep!!!

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