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Does anyone know what it means?
I do first hand
I am always dealing with it
and no one understands
its very painful
so why do people put some much on me
I am only a teenager
I make mistakes
sometimes very bad ones
but so does everyone else right?
IM not ready for all this
everyone please stop yelling at me
leave me alone
please just stop
the pain is so strong
your killing me
am I really that bad of a person
answer me damnit
why is this happening to me
what is it
what's wrong with me
does anyone love me anymore?
you all act as if you hate me
do you?
if so kill me
get me out of here
stress stress stress
that's all IM ever thinking
why is GOD doing this to me
I try so hard
but I always fail
is that what it comes down to
when you have stress you fail
if so IM the biggest failure