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Ferrets Page 2
  here's skittles playing with fish tank. He trys to fake me out but I have caught on to his scandalous butt! <~~heres the new pool I put together for the kids and they actually seemed to enjoy it surprise surprise. anyways, if i put there toys in the pool they jump in a fish em out its quit cute if ya ask me!!  <~~heres the kids playing in my backpack!! skittles and chloe that is.

<~~chloe playing solo in the pool!!    <~~ skittles playing in the blanket! Hess soo cool~! blanket                                                               <~~skittles playing on the floor Hess such a cutie patuttie!!!~~> <~~heres an example of them fishing out the toys there sooo cute how could you resist!!!       <~~little brownie sleeping in daddys hat!            

Ferret page 3   click here for more ferret stuff!!! Aren't they so cute?
Ferrets Page 4
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