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My Ferrets
All the kids love to play with mommy and the bean bag its lots of fun. :o) There favorite snacks are fruit loops and cherrios. Brownie loves pasta and beer too... They are very spoiled, I built them a three story cage which they love. They live in the cage while were at work and at night. They also have a real bad habit of scratching the carpet (very annoying). Ozzy AND Skittles loves to sneak to the fish tank and drink the water I am not sure if they are trying to fish or get wet but one day they'll fall in IM sure. :o) Blondie has scratched a hole in the couch and gets inside and sleeps. haha!!!  And now the others follow and play in there all the time. And Brownie's new thing is the water bottle he loves to be soaked with it. Hess so cute and fat!!!!!! Brownie doesn't run either like the rest he does this hopping thing which is very entertaining to watch.
 <~~ Here my adorable little baby. Brownie is about 9 months old he was soo small at first and now Hess bigger than the other 3. Brownie loves the water bottle and any kind of towels. He hisses for attention its real cute.
            <~~~ Little Chloe in the hamper!!! ha
This is innocent Chloe getting caught in the bathroom drawer. (Below)

<~~heres Blondie she usually doesn't get into that much trouble but she has some bad habits when it comes to scratching the couch and the carpet. she's really cute we have this treat dish that we fill with cereal and snacks for them for play time. Well as soon as she gets out of the cage the first thing she does is go to that bowl and wait and if I dont fill it right away shell sit and stare until I do. Its really cute..                                                   <~~This guy here is Ozzy, he is about 3 years old and we adopted him from a store. Ozzy Loves to jump around with the bean bag and he loves to play with shampoo bottles perfume bottles.
<~~heres brownie (little one) when we first brought him home. Chloe is trying to play with him and all Hess trying to do is stand up.. it was sooo cute.                                                                                                             <~~ here's Ozzy trying to get his dibs on brownie! also known as brown brown!  :o)                                                               
<~ here's king shit, I swear he thinks Hess the bomb!!!
Ozzy on his territory! ~~>   
                        <~~ here's brownie on a hot day laying in front of the fan while I cool him off with the water bottle... Hess such a cutie!!!!!
                                              <~~chloe playing in the slinky I dont think she anticipated getting stuck!!!
 <~~~This here is the cutest pic. Chloe and Blondie and Ozzy curled into little balls! Blondie is obviously the while (albino) she's quiet a snipper too. She loves her cherrios. Chloe is the other little brown one. She is the most adventurous she jumps onto everything (tables chairs, trash cans, computers,  whatever), she also eats anything from candles to shoes. Shes gotten real skinny lately though.
(below) this is the cage I put together its  2 huge bird cages put together to make a three story hut. This is where they live (eat drink sleep). I even made them some hammocks which they love to sleep in together. I put three in there but the only seem to use two and all 5 cram into them at night! Its cute!
<~~ this is the kids sneaking into the food bag. I caught them and they didn't even care that they were in trouble! haha                                                                  trying to get some cereal from dad.  he eventually shared with him!  :o)                                                                          

 <~~wrestling match

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