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The Night my boyfriend got shot.
It was all the sudden,
that fateful night,
when the shots were heard,
past my face,
three bullets flew,
I knew when he hit the curb.

As I pick him up,
in my arms
no knowing what to do,
I screamed out loud as I cry,
please God don't let my boyfriend die.

He said he'd never leave,
I thought he was here to stay,
but then that night became to be,
the night he was taken away.

everyday I wonder,
if he'd still be the same,
everyone says he watches over me,
but that's only what they claim.

is he really up there?
in the heavens up above?
shining down on me?
embracing me with love?

our love was made of something
that no one can explain,
it was made of Deep devotion,
sacrifice, and pain.

its made of endless love,
and unselfish acts each day,
for nothing could destroy that,
or take that love away.