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you know the college life, leaving home at 18 for the first time. Most likely to another state. Your 18 and still you have managed to stay a virgin. Although most of your all your peers have been down the route. You arrive at school and settle down in your dorm, and start meeting the people your going To be living with. Everybody settles into heir clicks and you do as well.  It also gets established that There, Fri. and Sat nights are all on party nights.  Every week its like clock work.  After classes on thur you go and fund out where the parties are going to be. Whether there are going to be desert parties or some house parties. It doesn't matter wherever the party you guys all go. Every party is usually the same. You hang out get plastered and start hooking up with guys.  Kissing or otherwise.  You being a virgin never let things go to far anywise. After lots making out and partying the night is over and time to go back. You end up in your room alone Thur night, That's OK. Fri. your invited to a Pimp N Hoe Party. Of course you and your friends go. Except this time its going to be different. You met a guy a soon as you arrive. His name is Dallas, you two start to hit it off pretty well, and are having a good time dancing and talking.  The night goes on and you two are hella vibin. its nice. Out of nowhere people start screaming cops cops cops. You and everyone else start to bail to your cars and take off. that guy you were talking to all night has his car right next to yours.  You and your friends realize he trashed and not able to drive. So we offer to take him home. After driving around for a while he seems to have forgotten where he lives, you guys decide to take him back to the dorms, since he knows people there. All is well everyone parts ways and goes to theirs rooms. You go in and pass out. Around two a.m. you hear a pound at the door, you see thru the peep hole and its him again. Of course you open the door he says he has no where else to go. You tell him he can sleep on the floor. He's all set up on the floor and you fall asleep again. At one point you wake up and he's in bed with you, both of you being intoxicated, you start kissing. Kissing turns into making out and then onto sex. Your so into the moment you dont even really realized what's going on and what your doing and who with. Both of you pass out in  complete exhaustion, 8 a.m. rolls around he wakes you up to say he has to go home to get his contact solution. Out the door he walks. All your left with is a blood stained bed sheet and tears in your eyes.  Was it worth it?