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Just Close my Eyes
now the tears roll down my cheek
they just prove my mind-set's weak
could i maybe join my friend
choose the time my life will end
leave this world that i despise
feel my heart stop, close my eyes
accepting all that we call death
gasping for my final breath
pray to GOD my final time
commit my final moral crime
rest in peace, i wish i could
end my life, i think i should
now i sleep, pray i do not wake
beg the LORD my soul to take
look up to the darkened skies
just hold my breath, just close my eyes
disregard that i exist
now i leave the world like this
glancing at that wicked knife
i can't believe this was my life
letting down all those who care
overlooked, these few are rare
life now ripping at it's seams
why now chase those non-sense dreams
now i start my final trip
i now accept i lost my grip
journey where my life-line ends
viewing where my death begins
reflect on life, why question why
accept i've failed, just close my eyes