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Lost, No love, and No Return
Light don't shine upon my eyes
Loveless shade of crimson skies
Feel the feelings I despise
Puddled tears from countless cries
Numbness felt from endless pain
Heartbeats proceed all in vain
All you love can't stay the same
Life is gone, and I'm to blame
Always running out of time
Never had my chance to shine
Must admit that your not mine
Down and out, but doing fine
Watermarked from shedding tears
Try to face avoided fears
Minds disrupt from changing gears
Seek for love as my end nears Messed up life, I blame myself
Disregard my mental health
Warped mind's view back on the shelf
Love just works in ways so stealth
Live a life of push and shove
Pain and hurt fit like a glove
Your the one that I think of
Gave up on my quest for love Non-sense dreams I tried to chase
Losing in this human race
Hardpressed now to just keep pace
Hurt due to her change of face
Still I thank all your concern
Still I have alot to learn
Still I try, and still I burn
Lost, no love, and no return