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Sad (a Teenage girls saddness)
being alone is so painful. No one to hear you no one around. I sit here in my room and cry because I am so alone. No one wants to be around me, no one cares about me. That hurts me allot and I cant help but cry. People who you think are your friends, really aren't because they only want to be Around you when they have nothing else to do. That sucks.  My life sucks here I just want to go home with people who do want to be around me and people who care. Why am I always being left out? Why? Why doesn't anyone want me around them? Why dont I get invited anywhere? Why am I all alone in my room when everyone else is out having fun? And when I do go with my "friends" I feel like a third wheel. Perhaps because I dont belong with them. I just dont understand what is wrong with me?
           I sit in this blank room
           I feel as though the walls are  
                     just standing there laughing at me
           IM in the middle of this room everyday.