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Two Girl friends
Have you ever had a best friend for so long you considered your selves sisters? There was this cute little duo of girls best friends from like the age of 2. Their names were Stormie and Angela. These girls had everything possible in common while they were growing up. Both of their parents were best friends, they were neighbors, and they all celebrated the holidays together. Stormie and Angela went to the same school and even had the same teacher for several years. They would walk home together ever day and usually one would go to the others house. This was  like a routine for them, and they were happy with that. There was never a secret between them, ever. They were so close that they even coordinated their clothes for school, to match one another. All through junior high school nothing ever changed it was always the two girls against the world. Never spending more than a day away from each other.  In high school both girls liked the same guys and were often competing for them. There was never any rivalry it was all fun and games to them. They both enjoyed the attention. When Sophomore year came along stormie got some bad news. Her family was moving To the  other side of the town. Which meant the girls weren't going to be attending the same school any longer. This devastated them both, but they were trying to work through it. From the time Stormie moved in January, till that summer the girls were in constant contact. Stormie had met some new friends who happened to be in the drug industry, and gang related. Angela never knew anything about her other friends. That was something they never discussed. As Stormie became more and more involved with these people she too was trapped and selling drugs. Not only was she selling but she was using as well. Still she never mentioned any of this to Angela and pretended everything was OK. Around  Christmas time Angela knew something was going on Because she hadn't heard from her friend in 3 months.