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Fate or Coincidence

Brad had just celebrated his 22nd birthday at home with his family and friends. He was very sheltered his entire life and all he wanted to do was have some freedom. The night after his party he packed his bags and told his parents he was leaving, to go traveling. Brad filled his bags with everything he could possibly need. He said his good-byes and out the door he went. He didn't have a clue where he was going he stopped at the store picked himself a map and took some money out of the bank. Heading from California he went west. Brad traveled all day and slept all night,   from hotel to hotel, day in and day out. Until he reached a little town called Rifle,  Colorado he decided to stop and get a hotel room and  stay for a week to relax and perhaps meet some new people. When he arrives at the PeachTree Inn, he's quick to take a long shower, lay on the king size bed,  turn on the television and relax. Later that night around 9:00 PM he decides to check out the bar across the street, "The Party Place". He arrives inside and takes a long glimpse around and notices a beautiful young girl sitting on the end of the bar, she's alone. The seat next to her was empty so he joined her.  With nothing yet said, he orders himself a Bud light. As the bartender sets his beer down, Brad says hello to her. She looks straight at him and even makes eye contact, and says, hi I am Liz. He asks her how her night is going, Liz responds, with a little slow but OK. The eye contact the two have is so intense they both get goose bumps on their arms. Now that the ice has been broken it paves way for even better conversation for the two singles. They begin exchanging their stories with one another. Liz tells Brad that she had just broken up with her 5 year old boyfriend, she was broken hearted and lonely. She needed to get away and decided to use her college money and travel.  She too was from California and was coming out west. Living from  hotel to hotel. They were both intrigued by one another and their similar stories,  Brad asked her to dance. Well of course she accepted the offer and the two headed for the dance floor. Their first song was Breathe by Faith Hill. Liz absolutely loved starring deep into Brad's eyes, they were this  beautiful blue color. As Brad couldn't stop starring either. It was almost like love at first sight. If you believe in that. They continue to dance through the next 3 songs, and then decide to go back to a table for a drink or two and talk. Its about 2 AM and the bar is going to be closing. Neither one of them want to leave each others company. Brad suggests she come back to his hotel room, right across the street, for some wine. Normally Liz would never even think of doing such a thing, especially with a strange guy she met in a bar. But like I said, there was a certain connection between them and neither of them  wanted  to let it go. Liz follows Brad back to his hotel room, #112.  Liz sits down. Brad then lights his fire place, and gets them each  a glass of wine.  They continue there talk from earlier that evening, until Liz passes out on the couch. Brad politely covers her up and heads to his room, for the night. Morning comes around and Brad has cooked her steak and eggs for breakfast, and not only that but he delivers it to her on the couch. Liz is pleasantly surprised. They sit , eat and chat for a while. The chemistry and intense connection between the two just gets greater and greater. Both of them deep inside knowing the other is the right  one for them. Who would be the first to share there feelings. Well that wouldn't come till later that night, at dinner. Brad took her out to a real nice seafood place. After they had eaten dinner and ordered dessert, Brad comes out with a question to Liz. He asks her to leave here and go travel with him around the world. Right then the waitress brings over the cheesecake Liz ordered and he strawberry shortcake Brad ordered, Liz  sits there in amazement for a second or two. Finally she blurts out of course ill go with you. Brad leans across the table and gives her a long passionate kiss. These two are so perfect for one another.The kiss tells it all.  Liz let out a few tears saying, how she couldn't believe she could find someone like him at a time like this in her life. They walked out of that restaurant that night arm in arm. Only to become husband and  wife two months later, travel the world literally, and  end up in Europe.  Liz would become pregnant in July. They would settle into a beautiful three story house and live happily ever after. Together.